Bohemia Steelmont s.r.o.

About the company

O společnosti


  • We have operated on the market since 2006.
  • We transformed from company STEELMONT CZ s.r.o. to company Bohemia Steelmont s.r.o. in 2012.

We're having fun

  • assembling of racking systems
  • steel constructions
  • halls and other stogare technologies
  • providing construction of steel components and parts

Our goals

Maximum professionality, flexibility, cooperation with customer and quality of great work are the main our destination. It allows us to experience and use of quality tools and precision measuring devices.


We are able to produce steel components, parts for rack systems and other locksmith professional work.

Maximum professionalism

Certificate of our employees in all specialization, which we deal with, is matter of course.

Foreign cooperation

We can cooperate with countries of the former Russian Federation and Russia, where we have contacts and knowledge of the surroundings. It may be interesting possibility for a lot of customer from Western Europe.

Language flexibility

We speak English, German, Russian, Polish on construction sites.

Work team

Our team has more than 60 workers including supervisors and experts (welders, electricians etc.), who are able to professionally perform their work through the experience with implementation of all activities from preparation, measurement, self-assembly to handover to customer.

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