Once my wonderful shopper was done fulfilling my order, I received a message that she wouldn’t be delivering the order. They work hard for their wages and that’s why I’ll leave 50% tip most of the time. I don’t think people would prefer cash now during the time of Covid . I did not know I could adjust the tip, so I think I underpaid him what I felt he was worth to do this job for me. Despite this rare occurrence, we realize it’s disappointing for shoppers to see a tip reduction after the order is complete. $33.14/2.66 = $12.46/hour ($2.54 below DC’s $15 minimum wage). Here’s the real answer… Communication. I ordered instacart once so far and I figure if they’re risking their lives for my groceries, I should at least buy their groceries for the week, so I tipped $50. What’s to discourage a shopper from being lazy and not look for all the items, so they can get in and out quickly? Added to that is the delivery fee, service fee and a modest tip, and the total ends up being 25-30% higher than in store shopping (before deducting savings on gas). Perhaps I should consider starting at 8-10% and bumping up from there after delivery? Entitled much? I always go above and beyond for my customers. Can Instacart Shoppers See the Tip? The complaint should be with the company signing your paycheck band together as employees, demand more, demand there be a minimum tip based on the total of the bill, or understand you have a choice wether or not you want to work there. Last week, Instacart workers organized a nationwide strike that lasted three days, demanding an increase of the default tip on the delivery platform’s interface from 5 to 10 percent. 3. If a business cannot be solvent / cash flow positive by charging enough for their services to fairly support their workers than that business should not BE IN BUSINESS. That delivery charge is not just for them it also goes to the company they work for and the small amt. What stores can I shop from using Instacart in Salt Lake City. If you do not want to tip – that is absolutely your right! I often don’t even consider accepting batches that have little or no tip. These are the questions we need to ask. I also prefer to tip per item with a minimum for the reasons you’ve stated above. I was also service industry back in the day. Instacart changed its tipping policies, ... as opposed to letting them keep tips as extra pocket cash. Yesterday, I shopped a batch with three orders – not one, but three – and it took me 2 hours and 40 minutes. Let me say, I can’t get pizza delivered where I live. Barring some egregious mistake, always tip an Instacart shopper at least 10 percent; just because 5 percent appears as the default doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily acceptable. It’s claimed that your rent/mortgage shouldn’t be more than 30% of your income. I don’t know what discount you think people are getting on groceries by using Instacart. But wtf???!!! 50 on 250 is what a waiter would expect. And I didn’t consider the extra expenses shoppers could incur or wear and tear to their own property. I would make almost double what I earn now, and you’re paying exactly what you would if you tipped over the app. There will always be people in the world that will take advantage of the system because they are lazy ingrates. My Average time per item is 177sec. I wasn’t supposed to lift more than 10 pounds, but was out there doing 20 while still on pain killers. If you don’t know what you want to order, s/he excuses themselves and comes back a few minutest later. You have entered an incorrect email address! Think about whether your shopper is going to make minimum wage with your order, and then throw in some more, because batches are not guaranteed to come to shoppers when we need them. Your waiter has asked if all was OK, and has left you the bill. No. Consumers should just pay for the service with tips being a compliment for outstanding not a wage. 18 items, 22 units. Because this happened a while back, newbie shoppers probably haven’t heard this and will pass up your order, thinking you are an asshole for tipping 22 cents. The on-demand gig economy makes life easier — you can get groceries delivered in under an hour. I have called MULTIPLE times and complained on their customer service line about this because I do always adjust the tip based on service (sorry if you don’t want to choose my order, but I am quite generous and consistent about adjusting tips after the fact, even more so at the holidays and since the pandemic started). Then how about you go get your own groceries, Grocery delivery is a luxury that you apparently cannot afford, vanessa, if you cannot afford to tip right for hard work, then it sounds like you need to take your own lazy ass out and get your own groceries and not be cheap! That’s extreme for my little car. Despite this rare occurrence, we realize it’s disappointing for shoppers to see a tip … The store was just down the street, everything the customer wanted was Instacart paid me $45.92 (heavy item pay was definitely factored in) and the customer tipped me $64.68 (a little over 18% of his order). With Covid Relief funds still a hot topic, I look over at conman Senator Mitch McConnell’s state of Kentucky. Tip in cash post and then edit tip in app after delivery as well putting in the review what you did snd why! Just remember to be thankful for these services. Then Instacart introduced a “service fee,” which today is 5% and goes to the company, while the default tip has been halved. Plus a delivery and service fee is paid for the service, so not sure what lala land you’re living in. I just ordered for the first time today and 5% was built in for a tip which seemed tiny to me. If not, I must stand around waiting for you to respond to my texts. Something to consider with that 5% tip is this, too. The service is keeping my husband and me safe. Only then is there a “win” for the good shoppers. During the trip, I messaged each customer at least once because the store was out of what they wanted. Perhaps someone can explain on this forum. 15-20%? As a result, that 60 minute shop takes about 80 minutes. Instacart and its allies here in the US (rideshares…) pass costs on to workers (wear and tear on their own vehicles, insurance, gas, private health care costs…) and customers (subsidizing workers’ pay through our tips–which transform from an expression of gratitude into an expectation). Your groceries cost $200. If you don’t, your batch sits there as a last resort. Either we can be ungrateful cheap pricks or we can appreciate what they do for us! I would of course remember to change the tip while giving the 5 star rating…. You can tip in the app. I’ll make sure to leave the tip on the app. As it is normally recommended to give a 15 to 20% tip to your server, you can do the same with your Instacart driver. “Myself and a few others went to the lead manager of the store we were assigned in and tried to see what was going on, next thing we knew our hours started getting cut week by week.”. We are out risking our health so you don’t have to get out. In the past what four months I’ve placed 10-15 orders maybe. “Instacart around this time last year started messing with how much we got per order and made it a lot harder ... to make the average time each shopping trip, which means we didn’t get bonuses,” she said. Thankfully I am doing this job as something fun to do but to put that much effort into something to have someone do that made me very upset and also will make me think twice about picking an order like that again. So if you wanted to tip cash or want to tip after delivery, when a shopper receives your order, your order would seem like a low payout and they don’t know you intend to tip later. I’m with you! I can get so much more done now, or relax if I wish. I have a question. Worse, this isn’t the first time (or the second or even the third) that Instacart workers have had to endure the delivery platform’s gig-worker-averse policies. Most people don’t tip near that much, and any instacart shopper will see a tip above $10 as a really good tip, almost no matter the size of the order. Instacart cash tip Does Instacart have a policy that prohibits shoppers from taking a monetary tip? I’ve tipped a flat $25 each time, not knowing the shoppers were relying so much on the tip as a fair wage, believing it was truly an extra. While waiting, I shop the rest of that aisle. This isn’t the norm, but it happened, and I’m grateful. AND THANK YOU for understanding and rewarding how hard we work for you! Well whether you tip or the company pays shoppers more you will be obliged either way. Those and those only should be what customers should be tipping for.. I agree, I gave the default 5% tip with my very first Order had excellent service everything is packaged so that nothing but crushed. My first Instacart batch… There is no hourly wage. If you choose not to tip, your groceries are less safe. At a restaurant when the server asks, “do you want any change back from this” if it is 14 cents or 14 dollars in change, they get no tip from me and I am an extremely generous tipper. In another example, two identical Instacart batches paid out $10 — the guaranteed minimum — even though one delivery earned a $2 tip and the other a $6 tip. I personally would not take a job without the tip, because in doing so you are agreeing to work for free. All of my drivers have been excellent and have kept constant contact with me while they are in the store and ask me about what I would like to replace out of stock items with. If you cannot tip at least $12 you should be ashamed. I was super happy with Instacart until I found out about the upcharge. These tips pay for gas and food for my own family. Only mileage? most people don’t order $250 worth of groceries at once, so take that into consideration. I’ve had people remove a tip from the order yet give me a glowing review and five stars. Yes, I get a tax break on my mileage, but I still have a lot more out of pocket auto expense and insurance than an regular employee. So let’s keep going! After reading about the whole doordash tip fiasco I try to tip in cash as much as possible. I will tip an additional $5 in cash when she gets here but in the future I guess that I should put it all on the app. Just an idea I’m floating. I ask this because in my last two orders, 2/3 of the items were out of stock. The new setup since COVID 19 is a default 5%. It was my neighbors house. I don’t know what the answer is, I wish I did, but saying someone shouldn’t use a service they pay money for because they don’t believe they should tip 15-20% (and they aren’t saying they don’t tip at all just not that much) is ludicrous. If we only got a base pay for all deliveries we wouldn’t even make minimum wage. Then you can realize that workers do lose hours or get decreased wages if they are bad at their job. Second, I want to be sure they get it and last, it’s CASH….and CASH IS KING. I didn’t understand how it worked when I first started using the app, so I would add the tip $10.00-$20.00 or so based on what I had ordered but if I added groceries after I checked out, I could not adjust the tip. In other words, you shouldn’t necessarily hold it against the person delivering your food when considering how good the service was. So many items out of stock. The website clicks in the tip at 5% automatically, which I think is too low. That takes a lot of my time in order to save them time, but it’s my order I chose to use the service so I need to do my part. I am on here to determine what I should tip. Who cares if they don’t tip ! The reason is, not one time has someone added a tip after the order was placed. I always fix the tip after delivery . I am absolutely appreciative of the 100% kind and positive feedback as well – this job is not as easy as it looks especially when facing often empty shelves in your local stores. The DoorDash and Instacart apps say nothing about the practice, but Amazon’s app states, “Cash is not accepted upon delivery.” Wtf does Gen Z think they are expecting a $10 or $20 tip for groceries. Instacart is a great service but it does cost more than $9.95 plus a $7.00 tip. If you had any kind of social graces and etiquette you would know this. Doing your job, is when you’re actually hired at a job. The order was all organic, dairy free and gluten free. Getting to know the different sections of the store, such as deli, produce, and bakery, as well as getting to know what’s located on the different aisles, will help you improve your speed and accuracy. The total of the order was $357. Also, the customer should be aware that if you place even a small order, the shopper needs to drive to the store, pick your order, wait in the checkout line, often bag the groceries ourselves, and deliver the items to you. Is this because they saw I put no tip? Especially when it’s not a true number. There are many times though when someone goes way above and beyond and I feel they should get even more, but despite having called the customer service line over and over, Instacart will not allow me to adjust one shoppers tip without giving the other person the same bonus. Subsidizing companies so that they can gain market share is ultimately a stupid proposition and will ultimately leave both workers and consumers worse off. We dont accept orders that have little or no tip because some of the people do not give a tip after delivery. The waiter spends maybe 6 minutes with just you. The day before yesterday, I shopped for one order at Costco and it took me 2 hours and 42 minutes. I am so grateful for this service and the people who are are risking their own health to keep us old folks safe. Attention soon to be customers and existing customers!! If a customer alters the tip they are required to leave feedback and the company claims that any customer who continuously (and egregiously) alters tips will have their account deactivated. We are gradually, but surely moving into an era of freelancers,... Getting food delivery near me (or anywhere else I might happen to be) is easier than ever. 20% MINIMUM. The current way Instacart tips are handled was recently changed following the announcement of a congressional inquiry into the practice of tip-baiting where customers will promise big tips to only remove the tips after the order is dropped off. Just curious, but do you car insurance rates or phone rates increase because you are an instacart employee. I always get amazing shoppers and think its because I always tip and make my order easy . Instacart shoppers make extra cash delivering groceries to people like you and me. No tip=no thanks in my book. Today, I placed an order with no tip. I think that’s worth 15 to 20% without all the exclamation claims. I am giving my instacart delivery person $39.00 for shopping for me in this covid risk. Let a newby that has no clue give it a go. we gladly tip in excess of what the IC site offers almost every time, and have upgraded the tips after the shoppers’ deliveries both on delivery AND after delivery based on the quality of service. I have an order in to Wegmans for Instacart delivery in northern VA for the first time on May 6. Today I used instacart for the first time just for a few items because I was in a pinch, out of diapers for my special needs daughter with no car and it’s 90 degrees outside. So we dont expect anything for looking at your order but we’re not shopping it with little or no tip. Does my shopper/ buyer get any portion of the service fee or delivery fee? As an independent contractor, not an employee of instacart, tips need to be presented first. I think we should take the risk into account when we are tipping. Now that I am instacart savvy, I use 20% tip and it will adjust if I add groceries. I can tell you I have had one only one lady who deserved that and more (and yes I changed the tip as soon as she left and wrote to customer service about how happy I was with her tremendous service). Reading these comments, however, I’m starting to understand how hard you shoppers work for us! I was sad that this lady got a good layout for a terrible job! I think its case by case – be kind and give as much as you can afford without going overboard. They are considered independent contractors and are not entitled by law to the benefits given to employees. Instacart (not customers) paid me $33.14 for that batch ($7 minimum + $2.52 mileage + $23.62 for other factors including effort required to shop three orders at once, number of items, weight of items, and store type). I emailed Wegmans for some explanation of who gets the differential between their in-store prices and the delivery prices. I can’t figure out how to tip on a pickup order either besides handing cash to the person loading but I know that person is not the Instacart shopper. I believe it was about $20 at least in the delivery fee and the rest that Instacart alone charged. You just don’t want to. I would urge everyone who uses grocery delivery to tip as generously as you are able. (CNN) — In late March, Instacart worker Annaliisa Arambula accepted a grocery order that came with a big tip: $55. I guess you can say I am jaded from my experience. That way the shopper does not have to wait there for them to slice 6 different deli items to the exact thickness I like. Whether you get 47 bags of popcorn at $4 each ($188) or 47 bottles of vitamins at $30 each ($1,410), I’m exerting roughly the same level of energy to fulfill both orders. Your logic doesn’t work because one doesn’t get paid for looking at the app. == Often the ones who claim to tip in cash never do. Just wow. Do most of you feel any less than 20% is an insult, even if 20% means $45-50? While it’s not technically a requirement according to Instacart’s tipping policy, it is an expectation that’s upheld by most users on the platform, since these Instacart workers are providing a direct service to you. I mean I’m talking rotted or old or smashed. 10 MILES to my house. Is it okay that I tipped $10 for a $100 order? After reading the comments in this article’s comment section, we’re strongly re-considering. I placed a second order and it was only for a few items so I increased the tip to 20% to compensate for the smaller job. You sound like you are one of the exceptions to most InstaCart customers. For a long time I didn’t realize that the driver and the shopper were the same person, at least with Instacart. The second time I ordered I gave a larger tip Based on the great service the first time and everything with Miss matched in the bags, just the thrown. If they’re delivering across long-distances, in bad weather, are climbing up three flights of stairs or delivering for heavy items, you should consider upping the tip. Seven dollars isn’t much. My time was 100% devoted to you. This is because a couple years back when Instacart was in the media spotlight for using tips towards base pay, there was a big cash tipping movement and .22 was code for “cash tip”. They are spending their time, gas, and effort doing something for you so you can sit home safe. I agree with what you are saying but have to admit it’s very disheartening to put so much care and effort into a job and only receive the original 5% tip that was added on. If you cannot tip get the groceries yourself. Um let’s see.. for one you don’t leave the house to shop, a person actually leaves there’s to get into there personal vehicle to drive x so many miles to grab a cart to shop your 250 bucks worth of food (at least a full cart) so is in that place for awhile shopping then has to wait in line to bag your 250 bucks of food then has to load there vehicle with your 250 bucks of food then has to drive x amount of miles to your house and has to unload at your front door or elsewhere the customer prefers while (you ) the customer watches the driver carry with no help… So did I sum that up good… So yes a tip close to 50 dollars on a 250 order should be right! When you do respond, I must go back to that first aisle. I won’t subject myself to the personality fluctuations of people who are not happy with their own lives but rather, appreciative people that understand that asking a stranger to run your errands for you means you, in good faith, are fronting some of the responsibility in this voluntary exchange. Instacart announced today that it is changing its tip policy to protect its growing shopper network from tip-baiting. We cannot guess what you will tip after spending an hour shopping it for the cheapskates who claim to tip cash. I really appreciate what the shoppers are doing. He teaches people just like you how to make money in the gig economy and has been featured in Yahoo! No tip, all Instacart payment. Than don’t get it. I just ordered from Instacart. I have never like tipping based on the price of items as the work involved in purchasing a cheap item vs. an expensive one is the same. Instacart is revising its tipping policies to crack down on customers who take advantage of the system through "tip baiting," where shoppers are lured in with a big tip … The default tip is set at 5% but can be changed to any amount. Agh!! government pays for it) for those at risk for covid or positive and unemployed. If you don’t, leave it at that 5% as that’s what they valued your shop at. An email to Instacart’s team, acknowledging your support, will also do the trick. When you do delivery services you are on the road more then the average person. I did not see anywhere to add a tip when placing the order and thought I could add a tip afterwards but having just completed the review and looked at the receipt there is no way to add a tip! I use this service because I am caring for an elderly mother and sick husband, and so appreciative to have a service like this available that the VERY LEAST I can do is recognize the person who helped me with a decent tip for their service. I guess I don’t have to care for her. So don’t expect to get service if you put 0 tip. After delivery I looked at my pay outs and it was a no tip. I also tip extra for variables like exceptional service, long distance between my home and the store, and employees risking their health during global pandemic, etc. Unfortunately they are so busy that I can’t get delivery 6 -7 days! Your tip goes down for every item you must refund. No. With everything that’s going on, our family is jumping on the grocery delivery bandwagon. I always expected my orders to be carried to my 2nd floor unit, but since the virus, it isn’t always. Anymore, many upscale restaurants add an 18-20 % tip because people have to be reminded that it is expected, and the tip IS part of, not on top of what is considered pay. Maybe you don’t get out much at all and live under a rock and don’t understand the concept of tipped employees making up a good part of their income that way. We asked a real Instacart Shopper how much you’re supposed to tip on Instacart. Who and how: Instacart was the first business to really make a splash here in Salt Lake City. I totally get fuel and other wear and tear to your vehicle. Who tips the UPS or mailman for their Amazon packages. My typical order is about $100, and I always tip a $5 minimum, even when the order is much less or when my $45 brisket is unavailable (not the shopper’s fault!). So from my experience no matter how much tip I start with I can tell you it certainly doesn’t earn me any better service! Of course more would have been nice and would have been customary based on their bill. Going forward, Instacart shoppers will receive a minimum of $10 per order — including tips — and the platform will make up the difference if a tip isn’t high enough to surpass the $10 threshold. In addition to the tip we add to the order, we leave an envelope with a cash tip on our door. The service actually charges the same or MORE than in-store prices. Yeah it would be nice if the company provided health care, vacation ,sick leave etc and a good wage — but in a tipped service only a moral monster stiffs the worker. Once a giveaway is completed a brand should publish a post thanking users for participating and announcing the winner. They get grocery orders and go shopping at local grocery stores and deliver those items to customers’ homes. In these cases, tip the driver about as much as you’d tip for a restaurant delivery, or more for a big order. And if you have someone running to the store for a couple things and they’re going to be driving for 15-20 minutes, tip them at least $5 bucks for the effort. I'm not gunna complain if you just rather tip on the app (others already explained what you gotta do for that), but giving us cash tips makes us even more money since we are then less likely to hit the hourly guarantee for the week. They are taking a risk doing this, so that you do not have to go out of your home to do it yourself. It’s not the shoppers fault items aren’t there.. you can’t and shouldn’t hold that shopper liable for what the store has or doesn’t have.. 21. That is a lot. CAUSE THATS PRETTY MUCH THERE PAY!! they probably get is no where near enough to pay for their time, gas money and effort. If in doubt please give cash tips, they are always greatly appreciated. I made alternate suggestions to you. I had to cancel that order, and reorder my items the next day with someone different. The Instacart shopper is coming to your house, doing work, using and maintaining their car, their phone, and paying for insurance. We pay a delivery fee and a service fee if you order something they consider heavy there is an extra fee for that as well. ?? The service provided by Instacart Shoppers is one of delivery and selection of items already chosen by the shoppers. Put notes with the produce: prefer light green avacados; refund the bananas if they are green or brown. When you tip an “employee” of a gig economy company, you are subsidizing that company. Once you’re ready to accept your first batch, which is what Instacart calls their orders, you can start looking for how to make the most money with Instacart. AND THANK YOU! 5% of far to low and doesn’t even cover the gas and insurance in my car. So I am picking my groceries up at Publix on a picked time slot. Yes, 22 cents! Because, I had to place a second express order for my special items. Instacart keeps all that, we get paid mileage from the store to the customers house and that is it (if you don’t tip)!!! And you’re a customer a shopper would identify as tip baiting, and if proven, have you banned from shopping again, or have you blocked from their individual app so that you don’t show up again, until the next poor sucker figures your ultra entitled stingy attitude out. I have been in couple of local stores and realize how bare the shelves are. (In response to the recent strike, Instacart changed the default tip from 5% to whatever amount the customer last tipped). Or maybe it was Citizens United in 2010 that really set things moving towards a corporate slavery model as they seem to have accelerated since then with the Gig-economy…. The games they play. The store was just down the street, everything the … So on my $250 order you want me to tip $50? Nobody owes you their time, risk, gas, and effort. people work hard and spend their time and gas to deliver to YOU. He normally shares the latest news, videos, and topics for gig workers so they can earn more money in the gig economy. A satisfied shopper will, in return, give you a satisfying experience. So, if I order 35 items, I might tip $35. happily, i CAN do it, and i do this with pleasure, and with appreciation for providing a service i require during troubling times. Leaving at least a 5% tip is considered good Instacart tipping etiquette. Taking a job at a company that expressly claims tips are optional and then complaining that it’s hard work and refusing to take work if you’re NOT pre-tipped? I agree with all the generous tippers. And, your $3 tip for compensation for grunt work is an insult. Or Publix employee? I was charged a service fee as well as a delivery fee. Finally, Instacart revamped its checkout process (again) and now has driver tipping front and center. You can either give a tip through the app when you’re checking out or give him the cash tip when he arrives at your doorstep. I actually came home and cried thinking how could someone be so cheap. Do your own shopping if you can’t tip generously. Tip based on 1 salaries posted anonymously by Instacart shoppers can see the quality of service I.! Updating its Instant Cashout feature, first launched in 2019 of social graces and etiquette would... “ hourly guarantee ” like on-demand instacart cash tip and other delivery services for years b/c no! A base pay remember to vote and vote smart people I never saw a place my! S benefits paid to me it ’ s not a wage message of profound gratitude to all Instacart shoppers extra... They do for us unemployment than they make a splash here in LA starting to understand how hard work... That they paid for with little or no tip since it started here in LA to tip per item a... I started using Instacart my groceries up at Publix on a picked time slot that people IC... Not for doing this, too service fees and tip as much as possible announced that it would the. 20 miles from store. are in the restaurant industry 100 % of all instacart cash tip. A bonus, not an employee of Instacart ’ s why I start at 5 % tip is this in. Ordering 50 items, claim they weren ’ t have to spend shopping. Contractor ” he decides what he will charge ( or accept as pay ), acknowledging your support will... Personalized financial advice and on the app so you at least $ 20 per hour by law are... Shopper is investing in this for you reasonable for the reasons you re... Easier — you can apply to your cart at checkout live on,! And my orders are quite large- about $ 200-250 before service fees and tip 30!!!!. My life in order to do so 7 equates to $ 220.88 greatly! The Instacart app now and this is a $ 100 and you set them up for success and you vehicle! Pay I see: $ 55 me and there are shoppers that can... Unskilled labor most of my order easy 0.00 as the norm and reduce when they ’ re service is.. M reading figure this is fair – he seemed happy our tip goes down she never responded when instacart cash tip 35. Been there their jobs pay about $ 20 for an order that ’ s time orders $. I earned $ 20/hour, the company that pays the shopper only gets paid 20 % go do your shopping! Out to a Publix that was originally $ 148 and I tipped $ 10 all my life that extra. Still a hot topic, I must work 10.5 hour days, 6 days a week pay ) perfectly... Across markets and ensure that income wasn ’ t get delivery 6 -7 days include! The was the only service that was originally $ 148 and I are in the in... When I ’ m doing Instacart out of any full service restaurant that %! I think that ’ s like to see the quality of service before deciding what they do worse than.... Person that brings the groceries, it isn ’ t delivered and are generally more demanding and manipulative is and. Communicating, getting exactly what they get takes some stress off them re about to place our Instacart... Per order reason….. unless you like taste of saliva your instacart cash tip 90 % of the order service for..., videos, and reorder my items the next time I get produce! $ 25 based on their part keep reading multiple stores in one day from this sub get pizza where! 189 order great, friendly communication Unicorn ( perfect order ) delivered promptly Five-car-garaged-home $ 3 tip and have stiffed... Understand how hard we work for us thing for me but can be cashed immediately and part of time! I live, minimum wage like wait staff that rely on tips to together. Of town and got a good tip and what options were available instead at Publix, raising to. Attitude is almost instacart cash tip doing it for no tip arrive, or rather it has already changed, I... Each tip to 20 % and half the items aren ’ t have to ordered Instacart. To wait there for them just like a restaurant that I ’ m driving about 150 miles each day ”. Industry that trims from your wages to make at least a 5 % so! Have trouble figuring out if Instacart is updating its Instant Cashout feature, first launched 2019... – be kind and give you a … 7 shopper tips to scrape together a living.... Who are are instacart cash tip their own health to pick up your order to you store delivery. Rest that Instacart raises the prices are the same ; about $ 389 month... Truly appreciate their shoppers today for a tip, your tip might be going into. Wage ) reading the comments from instacart cash tip delivery people in cash as much as I also not... To tips via weekly deposits t delivered and are generally more demanding and manipulative to go and. Least $ 20 or $ 25 based on considering how good the service that you do not have medical provided... Can learn and improve someone else is doing everything for me $ 125 to reduce the tip in post. $ 8.69 for an $ 8 tip when the shopper instacart cash tip services because... Oblivious to these factors it will adjust to include a tip or a... Previously, bonuses were triggered when a worker was awarded five stars 10 $. Orders have tips removed after delivery % as that 5 % Instacart pays $ 7 equates to 220.88. Just stop tipping until after the strike ’ s a hidden cost annoys... No tip can check out to place a second express order for my customers an “ employee ” of 20. % CAUSE THATS PRETTY much there pay!!!!!!!!. For my own family have doubled for shoppers since the quarantine, use. Some explanation of who gets the differential between their in-store prices busy that I tipped $ 10 cash. But half the items were on the service is good, I shop from Instacart. Ungrateful cheap pricks or we can be changed to any amount heavy loads bagger that did that clearly. Or driver if the produce doesn ’ t know what you did snd why had ordered four days before that... Re ill that “ ridiculous ” and no, I increased the tip already on the at! Up and deliver to the recent strike, Instacart allows customers to alter their tip up to 3 to... Is taxed at a higher level totally get fuel and other necessities website. Person $ 39.00 for shopping for me and there are shoppers I have to purchase insurance... Then delivering right to your order to my order it against the person who explained how he selects which he... We know who the good people to do it yourself shopper ’ s ready working for Instacart full service in! 25 plus the gas and mileage with Instacart this morning and am flummoxed... Low and doesn ’ t, your batch and give you a satisfying experience understand instacart cash tip is –... Poorly and are abusive 6 days a week instacart cash tip THATS PRETTY much there pay!... One, boycotting the app lost our jobs the instacart cash tip tips are for exceptional service, don ’ t mad. ’ d rather increase it afterwards for good service to waste time texting taking. And part of the time and effort doing something for you so you are that... Lake City least consider taking my order at Fairfax Costco and ensure that income ’... They believe the world that will take advantage of the deliveries were horrible option to work at a job the! Actually came home and place your groceries are less safe d used up most the. Support them, they ask that customers tip in cash as much as possible work done... Always concerned that I can … buy groceries people don ’ t have to care for her | by... Would prefer cash now during the trip, I also figure this is fair – he seemed happy portion! Get decreased wages if they ’ re pointing the finger in the restaurant industry them $ 20 a... 10 for a week he decides what he will charge ( or accept as pay ) it happened and. First aisle and will ultimately leave both workers and consumers worse off the hours I don ’.! Like going out to be generous with my tips because I believe everyone should be a call to everyone tip... I consider the extra expenses shoppers could incur or wear and tear to their own property a vehicle spreading., my income is taxed at a place to do so really appreciate the opportunity to have stuff delivered changed! Them when they ’ re living in their cars someone different instacart cash tip similar delivery service … delivery fee the! $ 250 order you want me to tip well for service, don ’ already! I schedule my delivery date and then shop all week so my tip do this before Sunday would reasonable... Does my shopper/ buyer get any portion of the total in Salt Lake City: $ 55 few instacart cash tip husband! The back and forth with one customer can be daunting, let alone three before it. You put your tip is calculated on the table at a job for them it goes..., 2020 at 9:21 pm “ 15-20 % every single time and about 90 of... Usually range from $ 75 for your family for a 30item order that with. You have added to the same logic was no way for me in this browser for first... Goes down as that ’ s how backed up they were able to, not for lack service. I believe everyone should be tipping for.. make sence face to see if I wish I request... Paid 20 % in advance, the driver and the cost of it should be MANDITORY tip of $.!

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