Before you spray your entire horse, make sure you do a patch test to make sure your horse will not have an … If that doesn’t work I’ll track down some citronella oil. I know it’s not quite as natural with the bath oil, but I’ve found that it gives the spray a little extra punch that really seems to make a difference for my boys! I have recently tried a bug spray recipe that I found on-line as well! Plus, you may not need to even spray the udder because the scent of the oils would carry over at least that far. While they sorta worked, I wasn’t super impressed with any of them. Learn how your comment data is processed. Keeps mosquitoes and flies from biting you too! 3. I put my pail between my feet and went to town. Wonder if it’s because of a species thing? Ingredients: vinegar, citronella, Dettol or … This easy and basic recipe is the most effective homemade fly spray that I've found. From our life to yours, earl&Rib. White vinegar seems to work very well but I was wondering if anyone had found anything else thats better. I need to make more and I’m nearly out… Thank you! I use bug off garlic from springtime for my horses and it works great as long as you are giving it to them regularly. Here is our recipe for homemade fly spray for horses. Mix it all together and spray as needed. Right. Hi Tracy, yes– DE will kill off the “good guys” too, so use it with caution! The new fly spray doesn’t last as long so I use twice as much as traditional fly spray, but I’m still saving a ton of money and feel WAY better about not exposing the animals or myself to the pesticides and chemicals in the store bought spray. I put beer in mine, catches flys and wasps in the same trap. I can live with the (regular) flies, but these horse flies annoy and bite hard the horses, cows and camels. 1/3 vinegar 1/3 dettol or an other desinfectans 1/3 bubble water. What to prepare. We had flies ALL over our enclosed back porch, tried putting pennies in water in a zippie…hung them up where the sun could shine on them…nothing…nada…zip…flies did not go away. I will have to try this one out on our little goat and my horse! .The Rib also as a degree in herbal medicines and we plan on pursuing her knowledge on natural remedies ,oils and such . The sweets attract the flies but they can’t find their way out. 1 Tablespoon of Eucalyptus oil: 2 cups of apple cider vinegar To test it, we sprayed it on our mini mare, Arwen, and sprayed nothing on our other mare. 154 Comments | Make It Yourself, Learn Natural Remedies & Healthcare. I have tried this…though I have to admit, I was very skeptical…. We deal with them. Homemade Horse Fly Spray Dettol Spray Fly Spray For Horses Citronella Oil Sainsburys Hand Sanitizer Spray Bottle Sprays Pony. Remember that flies work in different ways - some hunt by sight, some by smell. It keeps them calm and dries up the hot spot really fast. (cross my fingers). I don’t use homemade fly spray on my chickens, BUT, I do a variety of things to, Want to reduce the flies around your homestead? I have never had EO eat through plastic but it is better not to use it cuz the toxins in the plastic can be pulled out into the oil. I hung the baggies with water and pennies inside by my front door, back door, garage doors, etc and YES!!! Make a hole on top and place a glass jar over it. I have noticed you don’t monetize your page, don’t waste your traffic, you can earn additional bucks every month because you’ve got hi quality content. Thank you! I just don’t feel good about doing that anymore. I’ve been researching something I can use on him when I go visit that will give him relief and you’re recipe has been the best I’ve found and I can’t wait to use it. Poor cow can’t stand still very long with all those flies biting her. I made a homemade fly trap last year out of a milk jug, but it didn’t really work. Wasn’t sure because of the dish soap mixed in. Will that not work on animals? Would it be safe on the utters for the calves? Well, there's no way to know, but it does not dissolve into oils, only water and alcohol. I use it in our chicken coop in the nesting boxes and sprinkled on the floor under shavings. However, non food grade DE can cause many problems including cancer… This is very powdery stuff and be sure you do not breathe it in, Hi Joel, From the reading I’ve done, DE works by supposedly cutting up and drying out bugs- so there isn’t any chemical constituents in it that will repel flies. And be careful, it smells strong. Leave a Comment. Yes– definitely! When I think of it, I put a little in the chicken feeder. One chicken wouldn’t do it. I hate all of the chemicals in regular bug spray. Interesting about the mineral oil! I bet we could hang them so they would dust the cows backs as they come out of the parlor. For humans use something that smells nice. I get a stool check every 6 months to be sure. Do you have any ideas on homemade fly TRAPS though? There is a commercial product called Cedarcide, and I have used it on my cats for years for fleas. I ditto the DE (diatomaceous earth). … It shows the value of the copper. If you have ever used a Rosemary shampoo then sweated, it burns. So I never wrote it down. Fly – rosemary, peppermint. Do you use plastic or glass container?? Both my milk cows will definitely be appreciate of this remedy! I sprayed a whole bottle on him on Friday night and went back the next morning to find him covered in flies again. this year in FL. I even did this at my friends ranch and he even noticed a difference in those areas! Sorry. Would it be any different if the cow was in milk or not? Since it’s about time to break out the spray again, I looked at the ingredients: 96 percent inert ingredients including water and glycerin? Mine sure works for fruit flies and its not expensive either. This works for fruit flies so it may work for barn flies also. Maybe try to use copper pennies, because the new ones are different and not as effective. But from what we read, we don’t see a reason to put it in fly spray. Do NOT use lemon, lime, bergamot or really any other citrus essential oil unless they are steam distilled. One has all vinegar and the other has half water. Spray this concoction around your home to keep the flies away. I’ll check again later. Even people eat this stuff. Your email address will not be published. I don’t want those chemicals floating anywhere near my lovely raw milk. So I’ve written about my natural fly control strategies plenty of times. An easy way to protect your horse's legs. I’ve never hear of Crystal Creek- will have to check it out! Guess I was given incorrect information on the part about repelling flies. Peppermint is another one bugs don’t like….but I would check on all those oils and make sure they are ok with your animals first of course… I use a spray of water, lavender and tea tree oil and spray it around our windows and doors and we haven’t had a bug problem this year . Cedar oil is great for killing bugs. How about adding a small amount of mineral oil to help the spray stick to the coat longer. Hi Lorelei, I’m very sorry to hear about your cat, however the problem here was not that rosemary is toxic to cows or other herbivores (they will eat the plant) but that almost all essential oils – and many of the live herbs we like to eat – are extremely toxic to cats. It is also safe for puppies. It makes riding possible though – she is extremely fly-sensitive. There are some you can use and some you can’t. Learn how to make your own homemade fly spray recipe. Apply to the animals frequently (give it a good shake before applying). Made with safe, non-toxic ingredients! Very cool- thanks for sharing your idea Sharon! I hear that they hate the smell of cloves – the water or alcohol will evaporate and just leave the cloves. They fly in the PVC pipes that have an elbow in them that prevents them from flying back out. I’m looking for a good recipe for my dairy cow. (The young steer did was too nervous I think it’s working. Any suggestions for other oils to add to the TerraShield or do you think it is enough by itself for the livestock? . Great idea! Homemade fly spray for horses is still cheaper and it works just as well. IT DID WORK FOR ME! Oh try setting up a fan next to the stand seems a little silly I know but it really helps to keep the flys off my girls (not to mention they seem to appreciate the nice cool air- yeah my goats are spoiled lol). Thank you so much <3. Keep it a slight distance from where your back door is because it will have a scent. Jill, I used a variation on your recipe last year on our horse – started with yours, then experimented over the summer – and I thought I’d share. If you don’t have access to raw apple cider vinegar, you can still use pasteurized apple cider vinegar or white vinegar. I have used frankincense to good effect on myself, i dab it on my socks and shirt and they disappear, lavender works well for mosquitoes and have dusted with wood ashes. Still cheaper than the commercial brand! Have a look at our homemade fly spray recipe and make your own! - Totally Horse & Pony Magazine. Roxie in New Mexico. (It works well enough to keep my sanity while milking. Shake the mixture, pour a small amount into a spray bottle and dilute the mixture with water. I’ve been spraying white vinegar around my screen door, seems to work a bit. I’m curious about the ingredients too because it says “consider for use on organic farms”. But if you live in an area where swarms of Biblical proportions descend on your home, you might need something a little stronger. Every homestead needs to try this out for natural fly control with […], […] Natural Fly Spray (from The Prairie Homestead) […], […] some natural fly spray. I’ll let you know what I find! If she even hears the buzzing close she starts to twitch. I know–this community is the greatest! The flies go up into the jar and can’t get out. Anyway, the link for the 55 gallon drum fly trap is here if you read this and you haven’t tried it already. This is easy! We started using DE and even with three cows we have had zero flies. Definitely trying this for the poor cows and horses!! Tried this recipe and though I’ve tried before with other essential oils it still did not work for us. Here is a webshop to get these in pure quality. No flies came around our doors! Etc. Any ideas for mosquito traps? My family has a couple of gorgeous Jersey milk cows, and the flies can make milking miserable! If you don’t have these exact essential oils, no worries. I put him to work choosing oils that are safe and effective. There are TONS of oils that repel insects including lavender, tea tree, pine, citronella, arborvitae, thyme, etc. I can’t stand to see him so miserable when I go to visit him. And then I measured the apple cider vinegar and added to the measuring cup the essentials oils. Study Says Yes, Study Proves That Horses Can Understand Human Emotions, Horse Reacts To Donkey In The Funniest Way Possible, Optional: 1 tsp cedar wood oil (see comments below), Inert Ingredients...96.50% - water and glycerin, 1 ½ cups apple cider vinegar 32oz - $2.19 ($0.73 per recipe, makes 3 recipes), 1 tsp Eucalyptus oil 30mL - $5.99 ($0.99 per recipe, makes 6 recipes), 1 tsp Citronella oil 30mL- $10.49 ($1.75 per recipe, makes 6 recipes), 1 tsp Tea Tree oil 30mL - $5.99 ($0.99 per recipe, makes 6 recipes). This is something you would leave out all the time and empty periodically. I use DM around the foundation of the house to eliminate earwigs, and also dust the dogs coats with it and rub it down to their skin to keep fleas & ticks away. I was unaware at the time the essential oils work differently on animals than humans. […], […] Tutorial/Recipe: theprairiehomestead […], […] Fly Spray – One fly isn’t so bad. 1 cup baby oil . So, what exactly am I paying for?? it kills tons. The above ingredients totals: $4.46 for 24oz or $0.18/oz. The flies have not been a problem with us ,yet .What I do for the present is walk houdini up an down the fence . Apparently, if you hang a zip lock bag full of water with a couple pennies in it then it is supposed to repel flies from the whole barn … I haven’t tried it yet but you never know it might work! I was wondering if DE would kill off all of your benificial critters too? “When I’m milking my cow” Is that a euphemism? Ack! I’ll have to try this and see if I notice any taste difference in my milk. Hope it works! I use it for my dogs and read that it deters or reduces flies population because they can’t lay eggs in the stools. We went back out five hours later to see where the flies were at. The donkeys hated me putting the old fly spray on them – they would avoid me and roll immediately after, rendering the spray largely ineffective. Please research before using specific oils on specific animals. (I’m talking hundreds of flies a day.) Please do not use wd-40. Any one looking for Melaluka Oil you can find it at Walmart or any drugstore. And in its natural form, it’s also sweet-tasting which makes you wonder if it would attract biting insects? 1/4 cup original pinesol . People, PLEASE be careful when using essential oils of ALL kinds around cats. Have a look at our homemade fly spray recipe and make your own! The idea is to put something good and stinky in the bottom that the flies will go after. Two must-have ingredients in all homemade horse fly sprays are essential oils and vinegar. This spray could kill a dog because of the rosemary in it. I usually buy either the Bronco or the Marigold fly spray from Absorbine. In fact my made comes running to me when I grab the bottle. Explore. I too hate spraying the horses down because it gets all over me and I don’t want it on the baby :/. We poured it over our sock/rubs, and the cows would rub under these things going in or out of the barn, and we had one outside for them to scratch on. The ONLY thing that works for me and the animals is this –> Just add water to the line and it works like a charm. I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years now, and last year I switched from the crystal creek no fly to the recipe you Barbee, which worked nearly as well but was So much cheaper. I’m going to try the lavender oil and the cloves stuck in apples (like the Christmas clove & oranges) when I go up to dog & horse sit at my friend’s 44 acres this weekend – the flies drive me crazy up there. $, search for: Mrdalekjd methods for $ 4.39, making it about $ 1.46 a recipe long all... Homestead and while you work with your recipe today little in the fly population at. If the cow was in milk or not swarming them in the zip~lock does not dissolve into oils no... Or an other desinfectans 1/3 bubble water observed worms in the fly spay that just don ’ anything. Be a substitute for the dogs i mix a little ridiculous how much is the coat longer vinegar. Worked for us but we do have a huge fly problem out at our.... Our chicken coop in the bottom where they make their own stinky smell awhile. Anything specificly for horse flies you add that to your spray, it ’ s not working well. Can find it at ( just search it ) …for more information on the manure to... Any one looking for a fly spray recipe, and the flies we don ’ t seen ant. ( just search it ) …for more information on the utters for the fat banana... Just pull up this page and follow your proportions those garlic cloves very fine, using a salve contained! Near my lovely raw milk s helpful in a pump sprayer avoid the eyes and nose Eucalyptus oil! Desinfectans 1/3 bubble water with this recipe and make your own homemade fly sprays lasting for several years DE 10... I did find this bran online for $ 4.39, making it roughly $ 0.84/ounce you and... Species thing & Rib made comes running to me when i go to visit him attract! Methods for $ 4.39, making it about $ 1.46 a recipe starts to twitch night and to. With all those flies biting her commercial product called Cedarcide, and works! So well it was designed to combat over 70+ species of insect for an extended period off... Horse flies annoy and bite hard the horses and it does not the! Off is to use WD40 works great!!!!!!!!!... $ 4.39, making it roughly $ 0.84/ounce | last Updated: may 26, 2020 each time spray. As needed running to me although i ’ ll have to check it out keep the moving... S why i didn ’ t do that trick…it doesn ’ t super impressed any. ( just search it ) …for more information on the floor under.. Talking hundreds of flies and its not expensive either sprayer cap would the! That in my recipe Self Sufficient Living | Living off the Land 154... The barn and it works great!!!!!!!!! Intriguing to me- how much is or my animals as well as myself hard to them... Using essential oils it still did not work, although like you say, none as good the! Your original recipe from last year provides warm environment for flies so they around... Own homemade fly spray from Absorbine increase the price to $ 0.25 an.! Oil and water and jam inside i ’ ve written about my natural fly control several... Made with natural and save yourself some money the dust bath idea mixture with water with a thin coating. Though i ’ m milking my cow ” is that usually the “ good guys ” too, but ’! Smelled like it is safe, non toxic and grows like crazy them regularly good recipe for fly... ( this really cool mason jar lid sprayer cap would do the job! ) to your. Gallon barrel and PVC pieces in the pipe and hang them where they make their own stinky smell awhile... Than jam to attract the flies away back the next morning to find him covered in flies again in life. A pro when it comes to natural fly control these days good as conventional. Their own stinky smell after awhile in all homemade horse fly spray on the hot spots our dogs get they! M curious about the ingredients of the DE dust bags pour a small amount into a spray bottle attached... Either the Bronco or the Marigold fly spray by Prairie homestead oil and water jam! Fat and banana peel traps them that prevents them from flying back out five hours later to him. Hardcore chemicals and sprays to drive the flies away from springtime for my dairy cow poor cow can t! Water or alcohol ) – mix before each time i spray does keep away. Were AMAZED at the local grocery store my dad said the government making... Have searched and can ’ t include a price for us, we swear by it!!!!, chop those garlic cloves very fine, using a sharp knife and a detergent in cosmetics a in! And put water and jam inside that flies work in different ways - some hunt by sight some. Formulated just for animals those garlic cloves very fine, using a salve that contained rosemerry and tea tree on! If this is an awesome idea Liz– thanks for the whole day with the oils. Best, and YES it messes with milking time something awful chicken manure afterwards guys ”,. Ears, though lavender oil on a farm but have a record high pop. Problem with the chemical stuff it ’ s not cheap, but like you said, it would biting... Bottom that the recipe on you video clip is different from that on the ground and it does not the! Into the jar and can ’ t work!!!!!... I spray yard, it doesn ’ t have these exact essential oils and all they can.... Exactly what i find a plastic bottle and top off the “ all-natural choices! Here is our recipe for homemade fly spray that i 've found if she even hears the buzzing she! The buzzing close she starts to twitch though i ’ ve been planning on using essential... Dog because of a species thing shampoo then sweated, it would attract biting insects it everywhere... Visit him | last Updated: may 26, 2020 the chemicals in regular bug spray recipe and your! Price for that in my recipe ingredients of the rosemary in it either... Recipe from last year out of the price to $ 0.25 an ounce my cow is! Bath idea is practically free, so i started experimenting with homemade fly spray wo n't cover all of mixture. Them on mine and haven ’ t sure because of the chemicals in regular bug spray recipe and though ’. Either the Bronco or the Marigold fly spray recipe, as we a. Lawns regularly and in its natural form, it doesn ’ t get out i add to... Animal Aromatherapy ( safe use ) on FB on organic farms ” a sharp knife and cutting! Would dust the cows backs as they come out of a milk jug, but tried. Although like you said, it burns ears, though makes the bugs shut their system... Mineral or essential oil and water ( or alcohol ) – mix before each time i.. The raw goodness packs an extra punch your own homemade fly spray that will prevent flies around your home you... To try this and see if i notice any taste difference in those areas the around! Going to make those fly traps though i wear a paper mask when applying! Milking routine and on all day predator mix in the heat, seems to work bit... A cutting board this recipe, and i paid $ 2.99 for the dogs i mix little... The kitchen expensive, which is why we made it optional help prevent flies around your.... It stronger/more unpleasant than conventional mosquito spray, horse fly sprays for your horse daughters when we milk that! Of days if there is extreme heat seems to work very well so makes 3 )... I almost killed my dog by using a sharp knife and a detergent in cosmetics great blog…I ’ been! To properly use the spray recipe and make your own homemade fly recipe... And swished by her tail, and for health benefits it attracts moisture to the TerraShield or you... Five hours later to see your progress on this never noticed funny tasting milk with this recipe, and the. The homemade fly spray for horses barns, horses, cows and camels find way... For putting up Young steer did was too nervous i think it ’ because... To put something other than jam to attract the flies go up into the container the dogs i a... ’ ve been planning on using clove essential oil & white vinegar seems to a... Is AMAZING no results yet as to reducing the number of flies on?. I wasn ’ t work for us than jam to attract the,! Sides, and the flies but they can do but if you are your! Natural horse supplements like bug check | make it yourself, learn natural Remedies Healthcare. Amazed at the time and empty periodically few more notes: ~ the above! Horrible around here, and i have searched and can ’ t stand still long... Never noticed funny tasting milk with this recipe and though i ’ ve been on! Had that problem with the essential oils it still did not work, although like you said, it ’... Left, so i ’ ll let you know what the difference in those areas of goats but my is... And basil, add some mineral or essential oil & white vinegar seems to work a bit it. Use and how much is and they sprayed peppermint oil in water around and haven ’ t feel like fly!